Sunday, July 19, 2009

sweet fun and really creative

It's amazing how many wonderful people I've cybermet thru ...

There we all are like busy little bees creating all sorts of fun, interesting, useful items, and of course just plain old pretty lovlies; jewelry!

What could be more fun than making a pattern of beads and findings that when complete, another person wears?

I've met thru cyberspace a lovely, sweet very creative Lady and I hope she knows how she has already enriched my world; Susy of ... who also has a Blog that I am a follower of here.

She is so talented and gifted, I hope if anyone sees my Blog, they will go look at her Blog where her creations are as well as super suggestions for those, like me, who create for potential Shoppers.

Susy, on the Kudo scale of 1 - 10 ... You are certainly a shining 10!!

Blessings, and may your Sunday be as peaceful as You are!

Lady Raven

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  1. what a lovely blog post on a fabulous lady! not only is susy's work beautiful, but her personality is as well.