Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ads & Promoting One's Self

Those of us who create for pleasure with hope of selling, whether for a little extra income, or as our main source of earning, need to advertise ... promote our Selves, our business, our creations ... reach out into the World of lookers, shoppers, buyers, believing that someone somewhere wants that particular something that we create.

It isn't easy! Today's economy not only makes it difficult for people to buy things, it makes it difficult for those of us who create, to create things. I am basically new to the fine art of Selling.
I started creating jewelry after my first knee surgeries in August of 2008; to keep me occupied, my mind off the pain - especially after physical therapy. My Mom said after seeing a few of my necklaces, "Taleda you have some talent, you should sell this stuff."

Me? Sell? Uh oh ....

By November, it was clear I had to have BOTH my knees replaced and it was agreed to do them both at the same time; a 7 hour surgery, the most incredibly painful recovery I could not imagine prior to the event, and LONG hard miserable physical therapy for four months. Today, it is still painful, difficult to walk and the work I do - Massage Therapist - reminds me daily that I am still healing.
In the beginning, the only thing that kept me going after each painful day of physical therapy, was getting home, taking my pain pills and surrounding my Self with beads. Months and months later, I have over 90 items for Sale on Etsy.com (about 100 more laid out waiting to be photographed and posted). I've set up additional shop on Artfire.com, I've created a account on Flickr, started this Blog, added a Facebook Page ... and my GOODNESS!! Who knew back in August 2008 when I put my first bead on my first thin wire where I was headed!!

I've spent ooodles of money, haven't earned much, but I certainly have learned and, in the process met some talented, intelligent, wonderful people. My Buddhist philosophies teach me Patience; and if something is meant to be, it will be.
This particular ensemble is my vision of Patience ...

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