Saturday, July 18, 2009

Time & Priorities

24hrs in every day ...
day job = 5 days per week = 35+hrs
days off = thursday & sunday
job = spa = massage therapist

that's my "normal" life ....

inbetween i've got all the other responsibilities of an adult; shopping, cooking, cleaning, yardwork, bonding with the family (my mom & son), errands and oh about 100 etc.'s !!

at night after dinner and ALL other free time = creating jewelry which is my precious time.

oh and then there's the www multiple site postings, editings, cropping photos and coming up with catchy titles and descriptions that will entice lookers to become buyers.

my question for today is: how come there are ONLY 24hrs in every day?? whats up with that!!!!!!!!!

LOL .... life is good and i am grateful for ALL the hours i am gifted with ........

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