Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The 3

I believe human beings have physical energy, mental energy, spiritual energy. The 3 ...


What we feel and think and believe gets projected into the Cosmos, whether it is positive or negative. I wonder sometimes if negative is easier to project, it seems there is more of it. It is easier to smile than frown; but to do so sincerely is the key. Do your eyes crinkle when you smile? Are your thoughts smiling too? Is your heart light?

Having courage requires Energy. Staying the course, believing in what you are doing, despite the odds, requires a type of courage equal to a Warrior. A Peaceful Warrior.

As a bodyworker (my "real job"!!!) I have a bubble around my Self that protects me and expresses my boundaries when with clients. If I am not in the Now, my bubble becomes fragile and is easily penetrable; a clients Energy - positive or negative - will find its way inside my bubble. It requires much Energy of The 3 to always be in the Now. When physically touching clients thru massage, my bubble must be a little extra strong, like a double bubble, otherwise I am wide open for their own Energy to overcome my own. If they are tired, sick, weak, angry, depressed etc. that Energy swirls around me. On the other hand, if they are happy, healthy, compassionate, rested, that Energy also swirls around me. The one brings me low, the other lifts me up.

Just as being with someone crying can move us to tears of our own, so does someone's eye crinkling smile make our own face smile.

Here in the world of handcrafting - jewelry for instance - I have sometimes been down, discouraged, frustrated, and envious of the success of others. I have not been in the Now. I have cast my negative 3 into the Cosmos, my bubble has become fragile. And then, like a ray of Sunshine, like a positive force from the Universe, someone or something, comes to me and I am overwhelmed by beauty, goodness, positive Energy. I have found beautiful, positive, eye crinkling, happy crafters whose joy and love of creating - using their 3 Energies - have swirled around me and uplifted my own 3. I am encouraged by their beauty, I am supported by their compassion, I am enthused by their creations.

Yes, true positve projection of The 3 requires Energy and courage.
To the Peaceful Warriors - Ladies, I am Blessed by your friendship.

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